• 12th Grade Projects

  • 1st Semester: Build a Better School

    Success in today’s world requires a whole new set of skills. School should be a place where young people have an equal opportunity to develop skills that make them ready for the future. Build a Better School (BaBS) is a semester-long, student-centered project that will ask seniors to look back on their formative academic years with a critical eye and to determine the purpose of education in regards to our ever-changing global society. After exploring the topic from a variety of perspectives, students will ultimately be able to answer the project Essential Question: What is the purpose of public education?


    2nd Semester: Capstone Project

    Capstone is a year-long, student-centered project that allows seniors to showcase the breadth and depth of their skills and content knowledge from having matriculated at International Polytechnic High School. This project is founded on the philosophy of true inquiry. Students should focus less on the final, definitive answer and more on the questions that propel their exploration. To this end, seniors are encouraged to choose a topic that elicits an authentic curiosity within them.

    Topics can encompass either a personal or professional interest. Some students may use this project as an opportunity to investigate a future career path while others may choose to delve into the intricacies of a hobby or a passion. Students will conduct extensive research on their chosen topic and are required to demonstrate the depth and complexity of this investigation by formulating essential and driving questions.