Community Service

  • All IPoly students must complete a minimum of 100 hours of community service in order to graduate with a diploma from IPoly; this includes 50 hours of service learning related to the senior Capstone Project. Students transferring in from other high schools are only required to complete the number of hours associated with the years enrolled at IPoly. 

    Community Service/Service Learning hours may be obtained by volunteering within the community or at IPoly. Examples include volunteering at elementary schools, libraries, hospitals, the American Red Cross, homeless shelters, animal shelters, zoos, etc.

    In order to document volunteer hours, students must complete and turn in a Community Service/Service Learning Form located in the Main office; the form must be signed by the person who supervised the student volunteer.

    9th Grade 10 hours required
    10th Grade 20 hours required
    11th Grade 30 hours required
    12th Grade 40 hours required